CWB Wealth Management

Integrated solutions for the complex needs of business owners and high net worth clients

Business clients and high net worth clients have unique financial needs. Our team of experts go beyond standard investment advice to understand your complex personal and business wealth. Find out if CWB Private Wealth is right for you.

Our portfolio managers put your needs above all else by advocating on your behalf. We achieve this through open and honest discussions that get to the heart of your investment preferences and goals, and by responding to your concerns in a timely manner. We have a fiduciary duty to put our clients’ needs above our own.

CWB Private Wealth uses a discretionary investment management model to serve our clients. This means your portfolio manager will manage your money according to set guidelines defined in an investment policy statement (IPS) that outlines your risk tolerance, investment objectives, and time horizon. The portfolio manager adheres to your agreed-upon guidelines in the IPS and takes care of day-to-day portfolio management. Discretionary managed accounts are charged a fee that is based on assets under management.

Our portfolio managers, along with our broader team of experts and specialists, have the right levels of skills and expertise to make decisions on your behalf. We believe this model allows us to provide a high level of service and professional investment management while ensuring full transparency and a low fee structure.

To ensure your assets are safeguarded, they are held by an independent custodian. The custodian is responsible for all bookkeeping and settlement of trades. The custodian also prepares year-end tax reporting information.

You want to build the right financial plan for your future. We help you make sound decisions and stay informed, ensuring you accomplish your short- and long-term financial goals.

At CWB Wealth Management we go beyond asking conventional questions about retirement, earnings, and savings—we rigorously examine and validate the what, how, when, and why necessary to build the right plan for you and your future.

From asset allocation to tax strategies, we work with you and our trusted subject matter experts to create a thorough and actionable financial plan. When you work with us, you’ll have a cohesive team of planners, advisors, investment managers, and specialists looking holistically at your situation and goals, while providing guidance in the following specialty areas:

  • Individual and business financial planning and solutions
  • Tax planning
  • Investor education
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Investment solutions
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable giving


Your trust in our services is paramount. Committed to transparency, CWB Wealth Management goes above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable with where your portfolio stands. We offer a variety of reporting tools so you can be as involved in your portfolio as you want.

Our reporting practices include:

• Monthly standard valuation summaries (with a full statement of investments available upon request)

• Quarterly comprehensive packages, which include:

- Investment strategy overview

- Portfolio valuation summary

- Performance review or rate-of-return summary

- Relevant benchmarks

- Complete statement of investments

- Transaction detail statement

• Quarterly publication, Grow Together

• Annual meetings (at minimum) with you to:

- Review your portfolio performance

- Understand if your life circumstances or preferences have changed

- Connect you with appropriate specialists within the broader CWB organization

- Adjust your portfolio, if required



Our firm is compensated on an annualized percent-of-assets basis, which is deducted quarterly from accounts in arrears (our fee schedule is divided into ranges and depends on the amount of equity and fixed income securities held). Non-registered account fees may be deductible for tax purposes. CWB Wealth Management's Discretionary Managed service fees include all management, custody, and operating fees. Custody fees for investment accounts typically start at 22 basis points with a decreasing schedule based on assets under management. Custody fees for CWB Wealth Management are included in our fee schedule.

With CWB Private Wealth, we have a number of options available to create the portfolio that is right for your specific needs. We can customize your portfolio using multiple solutions including the Onyx Portfolio Series, CWB McLean & Partners Pooled Funds, or segregated assets such as the AIM (Adroit Investment Method) equity or fixed income models. Different needs will dictate which approach we take for you. Your portfolio will be automatically rebalanced as needed and we will use the flexibility allowed in your investment policy statement to take advantage of market opportunities as they occur.

Onyx Portfolio Series

The Onyx Portfolio Series is a group of funds designed to be customizable to any client objectives. The series consist of the following funds:

Diversified Income Fund - suited for the lower risk portion of your portfolio aimed at learning interest and dividend income, preserving principal, and reducing the overall volatility of your portfolio. It is invested in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities and preferred shares.

Canadian Equity Fund - suited for investors seeking long term capital appreciation from Canadian equities. The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of Canadian equity securities including real estate investment trusts (REITS).

Global Equity Fund - suited for investors seeking long term capital appreciation from U.S and international equities. The fund is invested in a diversified portfolio of equity securities from the United States and other international countries.

Adroit Investment Method (AIM)

Focused on capital preservation and risk-adjusted returns, the Adroit Investment Method is a time tested and proven way to preserve and grow your portfolio. The AIM team has more than two decades of experience delivering solid returns to individuals and institutions including charities and foundations.

The AIM approach seeks to build equity portfolios with better than average value and volatility characteristics and above average quality characteristics. Over time, these characteristics provide solid long term results. AIM brings a history of solid investment performance that will complement, supplement, and protect what you have worked hard to achieve.

The AIM fixed income portfolio is a high quality bond portfolio investing a significant portion of the portfolio in sovereign or government guaranteed securities. All the corporate bonds in the portfolio are investment grade, rated BBB or better by DBRS or equivalent. Additional value is sought by anticipating moves in interest rates and allocating amongst the major sectors (sovereign, provincial, corporate) at different times during the business cycle.

Segregated assets managed by AIM are available for Canadian equities, US equities, and Canadian fixed income. These asset classes also make up a substantial portion of the Onyx Funds.

CWB McLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd.

CWB McLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd. (CWB M&P) is a sub-advisor on fixed income, preferred shares, Canadian equity, and International equity for the Onyx Funds. The CWB M&P process selects securities of companies by evaluating the competitive advantage of the company’s products and the quality of the company’s management team. CWB M&P also makes sure that the company has a sustainable balance sheet, stable or growing free cash flow, and earns higher returns than their cost of capital over the economic cycle. If the company meets these criteria and is being valued at a discount to the M&P calculated intrinsic value, it will be selected for the portfolio.

CWB M&P's investment philosophy exploits inefficiencies in the market to uncover companies that are being unfairly punished. In order for these companies to have realize their true value, CWB M&P's analysis must deem the companies to have an edge or catalysts that they believe will occur. They utilize the investment process which has six criteria, to help uncover opportunities: a valuation that is trading at a discount to its intrinsic value, a sustainable competitive advantage, stable or growing returns that are higher that their cost of capital over an economic cycle, free cash flow that is expected to grow over the investment time horizon, a balance sheet that is appropriate to the business model and ensures financial flexibility in the event of an industry downturn, and a proven management team.

CWB M&P is a subadvisor on fixed income, preferred shares, Canadian equity, and International equity for the Onyx Funds. The CWB McLean & Partners International Pool is also available to CWB Wealth Management clients.

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