CWB Wealth Management

Working with you

CWB Wealth Management is committed to caring for the whole of your organization by gaining a deep understanding of your needs to guide you through all your investment decisions. Through this collaboration, we aim to help you achieve your short and long term financial goals.

As part of CWB Financial Group, we draw on our banking and trust partners to complement our planning, advisory and investment management services. Our team of specialists collaborate with you to understand your organization, equipping us to provide the best advice and products to support your group’s evolving needs. You will have a trusted advisor network working hard to provide a seamless experience. From the ease of transactions to sharing knowledge and advice and even finding the best products to fit to your needs, we are committed to your success.

Our role is sensibly investing your money. We also provide additional services including learning sessions on investment basics and writing and reviewing investment policy guidelines. Our extensive experience helps us to see different perspectives on governance challenges faced by organizations. We share industry best practices and can also act as a sounding board for investments market views.

CWB Wealth Management manages approximately $400 million in assets for 38 foundations, endowments and not‐for‐profit organizations across all sectors including educational, charitable and fine arts, ranging in size from under $1 million to about $100 million.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us.