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Adroit Investment Method (AIM)

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You have spent years getting to where you are today. You deserve an investment team that will work just as hard and just as smart to get you to your target.

With a core investment philosophy, history of capital preservation and strong risk adjusted returns, the Adroit Investment Method (AIM) has always been a seamless part of preserving and growing client portfolios.

Within CWB Wealth Management, the AIM team focuses on constructing portfolios that offer better than average value, better than average quality and lower that average volatility.

Here's how it works:

Adroit Investment Method AIM Investment Approach flowchart

Security selection - equities
Our equity portfolio is managed by our deliberate approach with "growth at a reasonable price" with an underlying "value bias." This approach seeks to build a well-diversified portfolio with favorable characteristics such as higher than average profitability, better than average value as well as lower than average exposure to financial leverage an volatility.
Security selection - fixed income
Our bond portfolio seeks to provide a low-volatility income stream. Opportunities for return enhancement are met through interest rate anticipation and credit analysis, while controlling for risk by diversifying across maturity terms and sectors.

Maria K. Holowinsky, CFA

Sr. VP & Director of Research, CWB Wealth Management

Maria has over 30 years of investment experience and joined Adroit in 1996 as a partner and portfolio manager of the non-Canadian equity portfolio. Previously, she was portfolio manager of foreign and Canadian equities, and member of the Investment Strategy Committee at the Alberta Teacher’s Retirement Fund. Maria is active on various boards in Edmonton and is a founding board member of the PRIME program at the University of Alberta.

Maria earned her CFA designation in 1990 and has a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics) from the University of Alberta.

Contact: [email protected]

Linnea McKercher, MBA, CFA

Vice President

Portfolio manager – Canadian equities

Linnea joined Adroit in 2002 and is the portfolio manager for the Canadian equity portfolio as well as the Chief Compliance Officer. Her background includes working in the Investment Management Division with Alberta Revenue (now AIMCo.) as an investment intern, an equity trader and equity analyst (1998-2002). Linnea has over 15 years of investment management experience.

Linnea earned her CFA designation in 2001. She received her Master of Business Administration (1998) and Bachelor of Science (1993) degrees from the University of Alberta.

Contact: [email protected]

Malcolm J. Jones, MBA, CFA

Vice President

Portfolio manager – fixed income

Malcolm has over 20 years of experience in the investment industry. He joined Adroit in 2005, focusing on the fixed income portfolio. Before that, he worked in the pension investments department of TELUS Corporation, focused on both fixed income and Canadian equity securities.

Malcolm earned his CFA designation in 1996. He received his Master of Business Administration (1994) and Bachelor of Commerce (1988) degrees from the University of Alberta.

Contact: [email protected]

Orest Fialka, P. Geol., CFA

Senior Relationship Manager

Orest recently joined Adroit to help with client relationship responsibilities. Orest has over 20 years of experience in the investment industry that includes working with individual clients and conducting in-depth investment research.

Orest’s previous experience was with Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo.) where he was a portfolio manager of relationship investments. Prior to that, Orest was an investment executive with Scotia McLeod.

Orest earned his CFA designation in 2003 and Bachelor of Science degree (1986) from the University of Alberta.

Contact: [email protected]

Orest Fialka

Liliana Tzvetkova, CFA

Equity Analyst

Lilly joined Adroit in April 2014 as an equity analyst. She previously held an equity research associate position at Dundee Capital Markets.

Lilly earned her BCom in Finance from Concordia University, and BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Sofia University. She has completed all levels of the CFA program.

Contact: [email protected]

Liliana Tzvetkova

Since Adroit's inception in 1993, our Canadian and non-Canadian equity portfolios have grown substantially and outperformed their respective performance benchmarks.

Today, The AIM team continues to deliver independent thinking, prudent judgment and practical expertise to deliver solid investment performance that will complement, protect and add to what you have worked do hard to achieve. With over 20 years following the same disciplined approach, clients know what to expect- a focused, yet diversified portfolio with characteristics that meet defined parameters.

Although past performance does not guarantee future returns, we can guarantee that we are committed to our proven investment philosophy and style, which has been the hallmark of our operation since our first day in business. Our investment style and disciplined approach have remained constant over time, and our market outperformance illustrates we have helped our clients navigate through major market disruptions such as the technology bubble in 2001/2002 and the bear market in 2007/2008.