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Scott Cuthbert, CFA®

Associate Portfolio Manager, Canadian Equities

Scott Cuthbert

[email protected]

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Toronto, Ontario

“Invert, always invert” (Turn a situation or problem upside down, and look at it backwards) - Carl Jacobi, mathematician

Scott excels in divergent thinking. He has close to 10 years of experience in long-term fundamental analysis with a focus on Canadian equities. Prior to that, he worked in various roles in the financial industry including fund research, portfolio construction, asset allocation and risk management. His experience, combined with a Master of Finance from University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Mathematics specializing in Business Administration from University of Waterloo, allows him to provide superior client service and a strong team approach in investing for his clients.

Beyond the Office

Scott loves skiing. Especially when his kids drag him down the hardest hills on the mountain.