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Scott Blair, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

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Scott Blair

Edmonton, Alberta

Scott’s expertise in portfolio management and equity research stems from nearly 30 years’ experience in the investment industry. As Chief Investment Officer, Scott leads our talented investment team in a spirit of trust and collaboration. He oversees internal and external investment mandates, as well as developing, refining and managing the team’s investment approach across multiple asset classes and markets.

Scott believes people perform at their best when they have freedom to make decisions and responsibility for outcomes, while being well supported through knowledge-sharing and mentorship. Under Scott’s guidance, our investment managers focus on carefully curated portfolios that provide enough flexibility to fully align with each client’s unique vision and needs.

Prior to joining CWB Wealth in 2018, Scott worked in the pension investment industry for fifteen years. This tenure included being Head of Equity Research at one of Canada’s largest pension fund managers.

Beyond the Office

Scott is all-in with his love of sports. Specifically, hockey and basketball and coaching minor sports. He also enjoys spending time with his family and reading.