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Sarim Ehtesham, CFA, MBA

Senior Manager, Research, External Managers

Sarim Ehtesham

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Sarim Ehtesham

Edmonton, Alberta

CWB Wealth’s Senior Manager of Research, Sarim conducts due diligence on investment managers across Canada to review compatibility with a wide range of client mandates and investment requirements. He uses a holistic approach that looks beyond the numbers to truly assess factors driving performance data. By digging deeper, Sarim helps clients and colleagues see the bigger picture. He brings 12 years of experience to the firm, having worked in commercial lending and wealth management at a few other financial institutions.

Beyond the Office

Always eager to see what’s going on under the hood, Sarim enjoys getting his hands dirty while working on his trucks. That is, when he’s not building a cool assortment of awesome Lego creations with his two daughters.