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Saket Mundra, CFA, MBA

Co-Head of U.S. Equities & Senior Portfolio Manager

Saket Mundra

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Saket Mundra

Calgary, AB

"The quest to know the absolute truth drives me, provides me with clarity, and allows me to discard noise and enjoy silence. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that ‘seek the truth’ is one of my favourite sayings."

In his role, Saket co-manages the U.S. equity portfolios and researches U.S. equities. In so doing, he brings his global expertise to find insights beyond surface information. Harnessing his innate curiosity to know and do more, Saket turns those “I don’t know” moments into opportunities to learn, grow and share.

Prior to joining CWB Wealth, Saket worked with an emerging market private equity firm and emerging market hedge fund. His previous experience also includes working as a software engineer and co-founding an investment firm. Saket received his MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and is a CFA® Charterholder.

Beyond the Office

Saket enjoys travelling, yoga, meditation, paddle boarding and naturopathy. He’s also a volunteer at the Isha Foundation.