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Malcolm Jones, MBA, CFA

Head of Fixed Income, Senior Portfolio Manager 

Malcolm Jones

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Malcolm Jones

Edmonton, Alberta

Securing our clients’ investments so they can accumulate wealth over time requires patience and focus. As a key member of CWB Wealth’s investment team, Malcolm creates Fixed Income investment strategies that are secure and enduring, with the goal of increasing profits to make asset growth and protection possible.

His over 30 years’ experience in the financial industry began in telecoms, and he’s worked more specifically in wealth management with CWB Wealth and its affiliated brands since 2005. Malcolm holds a B.Comm and an MBA from the University of Alberta.

Beyond the Office

The broad interests Malcom enjoys outside of the office involve keeping his brain active in different ways, which nurtures his ability to see markets and the economy holistically. Reading, travelling, and gardening are the activities he likes best!

“Having a long-term view and sticking with it is the bedrock of how I manage funds for our clients, to ensure the future they envision is achieved.”