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Linnea McKercher, CFA, MBA

Market Lead, Private Wealth, Portfolio Manager

Linnea McKercher

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Linnea McKercher

Edmonton, Alberta

With over 20 years of experience in the wealth management industry, Linnea specializes in working with high net worth clients, business owners, corporations, and a multitude of institutions to meet their financial goals. Her experience is unique in that she spent over 10 years managing our firm’s Canadian Equity portfolio. She has a sophisticated understanding of asset management, macro economics, and the Canadian market in particular. Linnea holds a leadership role at CWB Wealth and is a strong believer in leading by example; therefore, she always strives to maintain the highest possible standard of client service, knowledge and integrity.

Beyond the Office

Linnea is an avid equestrian and competes regularly in both Show Jumping and Eventing disciplines. Being involved in a local business with her husband, Linnea connects and identifies with many business owner clients as they're also facing the same challenges. She is a self-proclaimed “geek” of the investment world, always hungry to learn more, and help mold future investment professionals. Her role as the past president of the CFA Society Edmonton fueled her desire to learn and grow in the industry. This role provided her opportunity to build a network of like-minded investment professionals, stay abreast of industry trends, and gain access to valuable resources.

“Investment management is my passion. It is really easy for me to come to work every day because I genuinely care about my clients and their financial well-being.”