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Lilly Tzvetkova, CFA

Co-Head of U.S. Equities & Senior Portfolio Manager

Lilly Tzvetkova

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Lilly Tzvetkova

Lilly’s clients enjoy peace of mind while she invests on their behalf using a disciplined investment process. She was born and raised in Europe and has travelled extensively in Asia which helps bring a distinct perspective to her investment evaluations. Lilly’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science from Sofia University and a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia. She has 10 years of experience in the industry, five of which were spent managing U.S. equity portfolios.

Beyond the Office

An avid traveller who loves visiting new countries and experiencing different cultures, Lilly has visited 35 countries on four continents and plans to continue building the list. Her mastery of several languages helps with this hobby. She also loves doing yoga, reading, and meditation.