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Kevin Dehod, CIM

President & CEO, CWB Wealth Partners

Kevin Dehod

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Kevin Dehod

Calgary, Alberta

“Building a sound wealth strategy requires more than just scratching the surface. It’s getting to the heart of what matters by having those deep conversations that people want, but seldom get the chance to have.”

While I officially have 30 years’ experience advising clients and their families, I began honing my craft closer to age 16 when my interest in business and finance first surfaced. At age 28, I co-founded McLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd., now CWB Wealth Partners Ltd., the CIRO (IIROC) boutique within CWB Wealth.

Having experienced starting, growing, and selling that business, I draw from those insights to connect with and guide business owners, family offices, foundations, and small institutions. My expertise also includes multi-generational wealth transfers within families, where adaptability and education are key due to the evolving nature of family dynamics. By simplifying the complexities of financial markets, I help my clients understand what’s happening with their money, and explain how they should be positioned for the future and why.

As a part of CWB Wealth’s leadership team, I also oversee strategy and growth for CWB Wealth Partners Ltd., bringing a player-coach mindset to add value to our clients' lives.

My career began at BMO Nesbitt Burns, and I later worked at Gordon Private Client Corporation before co-founding McLean & Partners Wealth Management in 1999. I attended the University of Calgary and Simon Fraser University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. I also hold the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) and the Partners and Directors designations.

Beyond the Office

Active by nature, I enjoy golf, downhill skiing, personal fitness, and travelling with my family. I've worked with Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta, and have been a member of YEO and The Strategic Coach program. I'm currently involved with the MacKay CEO Forums, a professional peer group that brings results-oriented CEOs, executives, and business owners together.