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Karen Nguyen

AVP, Marketing

Karen Nguyen

[email protected]

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Karen Nguyen

Calgary, Alberta
 “My life mission is to maximize my potential and help others maximize theirs.”
Creating exceptional, differentiated client experiences and driving business growth through innovative marketing strategies is my happy place. Throughout my career, I’ve been coached by a highly ambitious team of investment analysts and advisors, so the philosophies of fundamental thinking and being comfortable being different are deeply rooted within me. I’m passionate about taking a humanized approach to enhance brand visibility, engage clients, and drive growth in the competitive wealth management landscape.

As AVP Marketing, I bring over a decade of industry experience to oversee multiple business lines including Private Wealth, Insurance Solutions, Indigenous Services, workplace financial planning services, investment solutions, and bilingual services. Leading a national, high-performing marketing team, I help build bridges and foster collaboration between c-suite executives, business leaders, operational functions, and client-facing teams. Committed to excellence, I act as a strategic partner in these relationships and develop plans focused on client retention, acquisition, and partnerships.

I joined the firm in 2013, under one of CWB Wealth’s legacy brands, as the Director of First Impressions. In that role, I gained an appreciation for our personalized and highly attentive approach to client care before transitioning to Marketing Administrator one year later. In my most recent role as Marketing Director, I successfully led nine legacy brands through a rebranding initiative to create the Private Wealth brand at Canadian Western Bank. 

Beyond the Office

You could say I’m obsessed with learning. I challenge myself to learn one new thing each day, so I have an inventory of hundreds of books and podcasts that I work my way through daily. Travel is my soul charger and creative outlet (Jordan is my top adventure). Savouring unique food experiences is also high on my list of love-to-dos (though nothing beats a classic fried chicken sandwich and fries combo!). But what fills my heart most is caring for my fur baby, Wadi.