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Connie Cooper, MA

AVP, Executive Financial Counselling & Education Services

Connie Cooper

[email protected]

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Connie Cooper

Toronto, Ontario

“A brush with a serious illness reminded me that love is all. I’m inspired by stories of transformation...they never fail to provide me with a sense of delight and hope.”

My consultative approach to Executive Financial Counsel and Education Services is informed by a history of key internal roles within my own firm, including a background in Human Resources. This helps me more fully understand the needs of the Canadian companies we partner with. 

To begin, we review their employer objectives, compensation models, and financial wellness needs. We then balance these needs with the those of the company's executive and general employee populations. As head of this service, I’m charged with creating a collaborative corporate environment where solutions are designed to have a game-changing impact.
In 1995, I joined T.E. Wealth (now CWB Wealth) as the executive assistant to founder Tim Egan, and learned the business from the ground up. I grew attached to the company because of the goal-oriented approach to helping people with their money, and for the way they valued and treated their own employees.
After a brief hiatus to care for my young family, I returned in 2003 and created the role of Human Resources Manager. In that position, I oversaw recruiting, compensation, training and development, performance management and health and safety for offices across the country. I was also integral in initiating and developing employee programs for coaching and professional education. Later, I transitioned to marketing and communications where I led that division in conjunction with heading up the Consultant group for six years. In 2020, I was appointed to my current role as head of Executive Financial Counsel and Education Services.

Beyond the Office

I love my family and being in the woods and water. Strangely, I am enjoying aging which I didn’t expect at all. Nature is truly amazing. I like making good food – and eating it too. Travelling to new places never gets old!