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Chau Pham, BA, CFP®, TEP

Senior Manager & Client Lead, Financial Education & Employer Services 

Chau Pham

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Chau Pham

Toronto (Ontario)

Having come to Canada from Vietnam when he was 13 years old, Chau fully understands the power of financial literacy to help families reach their goals. It is for this reason that Chau gets such satisfaction from helping clients enhance their lives, through understanding how to plan and deploy their finances to achieve the life they want.

Chau helps people learn how use money as a tool to attain safety, flexibility, and security. His experience, education, and background help his clients achieve their goals. Prior to joining CWB Wealth, Chau spent the last three years as a Regional Financial Planner, working with HNW clients. Much of his clientele included business owners and retirees, who benefited from his expertise in succession planning, estate planning, and retirement income planning which included transiting into a comfortable, fulfilling retirement.

Chau has a B.A. in Commerce from the University of Toronto and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). He also holds the Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designations, and certificates in Retirement Strategy and Advanced Investment Advice from the Canadian Securities Institute. He also has a U.S. Tax Specialization certificate from the University of Illinois Gies College of Business.