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Carrie Benoit, CFP®

Financial Planner, Financial Education & Employer Services

[email protected]

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Calgary, Alberta

Having worked in the financial services industry for 19 years, Carrie brings a passion for helping others and an insightful expertise to her role. She’s seen the impact that financial empowerment can have on employees’ lives, and gains great satisfaction from educating and counselling people on the importance of financial wellness and investing in their future.

Carrie helps employees increase their financial knowledge through seminars and online webinars, and works one-on-one with corporate employees to guide them through the financial moments that matter – during their working years and looking towards retirement.

Carrie connects the numbers to what people want to do with their lives. Her profound understanding of financial management and education helps people apply the right principals to their specific goals, so they can maximize their financial potential.

Beyond the Office

Outside of work, Carrie enjoys spending time with her family, skiing, and hiking in the mountains.