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Bernadette Churchill, MBA, CIM®, FEA

Private Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager, CWB Wealth Partners

Bernadette Churchill

[email protected]

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Bernadette Churchill

Calgary, Alberta

In her 20+ years of wealth management experience, Bernadette has counselled diverse individuals, corporations, and family offices, giving her wide knowledge of complex investment needs and solutions. Having worked with both retail clients and in a family office environment, her fine-tuned ability to actively listen and integrate varied perspectives results in more complete and effective outcomes.

Experience has taught Bernadette that people with well-designed, risk-managed plans fare much better than those without them. Guided by the proverb that “knowledge is power,” she ensures her clients understand and feel comfortable with their portfolio’s direction. This gives them the confidence they need to feel engaged and assured. In curating plans this way, Bernadette and her clients can both sleep well at night.

Beyond the Office

Active by nature, Bernadette enjoys playing golf, tennis and striving to beat her personal best when riding her Peloton bike. While the cold Calgary winters often have her seeking milder temperatures down south, she can also be persuaded to discover new cultures and destinations through her love of travel.

Bernadette is passionate about improving the economic, political, social and employment conditions of working women in Canada. To help further progress in this area, she is a dedicated member of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women Organization.