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Alexandra Munares-Espinoza, BCOM, MFISC

Senior Associate Financial Consultant 

Alexandra Munares

[email protected]

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Alexandra Munares-Espinoza

Alexandra’s deep expertise in Canadian, U.S. and international tax is highly valued by clients who have financial and tax planning needs both in Canada and abroad. She’s also a trusted resource for the team when solutions are needed for complex tax challenges.

Her skill in taxation was honed during her 5 years with Cirque du Soleil as an individual tax advisor, helping employees from around the globe with their international tax and social security needs. She also worked as a Senior Tax Advisor at Deloitte in the Global Employer Services department.

In addition to her Masters degree in Taxation from Université de Sherbrooke, a BCom in Finance from Concordia University and a Certificate in Law from Université de Montréal, Alexandra is currently working on her Financial Planner designation.

Fluent in English, French and Spanish, Alexandra can work with her clients in any of those three languages.