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CWB Wealth

A growth story

With roots going back to 1939, our founders pioneered the concepts of financial health through comprehensive planning and professional investment management. More importantly, they each believed the same uncommon thing: their clients deserved the same care and attention as their own families. 

CWB Financial Group began investing in its wealth management offering in 2008 with the acquisition of Adroit Investment Management, an Edmonton-based firm. 

In 2013, CWB made another key acquisition when it became the majority owner of Calgary-based McLean & Partners Wealth Management.

CWB Wealth Management was launched in 2016 to oversee the overall wealth management strategy (including Canadian Western Financial) and operate as the wealth arm of CWB Financial Group. 

In 2017, a strategic decision was made to amalgamate Adroit with CWB Wealth Management. CWB McLean & Partners continues to operate as the subsidiary CWB Wealth Partners under CWB Wealth. 

In March 2020, CWB further strengthened its wealth arm and broaden their presence across Canada with the acquisition of T.E. Wealth, Leon Frazer & Associates, and Doherty & Bryant, which now comprise CWB Wealth along with the aforementioned brands.

Today, CWB Wealth has over 200 wealth professionals across Canada and approximately $8 billion in assets under management, advisement, and administration. Along with our affiliate brands*, we are proud to serve private wealth clients in both English and French, and to offer specialized investment management and advisory capabilities for institutional clients and Indigenous communities from coast to coast.

Our mission and core values 

We nurture a spirit of purposeful entrepreneurship in all that we do. Our first loyalty is always to the best interest of our client families. Through authentic personal relationships and honest kitchen-table counsel, we put their success above all else. 

Our purpose is to exceed the goals of our client families, with the knowledge that when they flourish, so do we. We cultivate lifelong relationships, getting to know our clients, not just by their first names but according to their unique visions for the future. And then we do everything in our power to help their dreams come true.

Each of us at CWB Wealth bring our own story to this mission. And it’s our shared passion for the calling that continues to drive us all forward. It’s the reason that our client relationships thrive for decades, from generation to generation. 

Together, we can drive sustained prosperity for the clients we currently serve and become the leading wealth advisor to business families all across Canada. 

Core Values 
At CWB Wealth, we still believe in uncompromising integrity and absolute client-centricity. It’s through our unique culture that we honour the spirit of our founders and the heritage of our legacy firms. All that we do is in service to our calling, to help our client families live their best lives through better financial well-being. 

We are CWB Wealth. Obsessed with your success. 

*Affiliate brands include CWB Wealth Partners, T.E. Wealth Indigenous Services, Canadian Western Financial, CWB Insurance Solutions Ltd. and CWB Gestion de patrimoine.

The milestones that make up our history


2020: Matt Evans is appointed President & CEO of CWB Wealth Management.

2020: CWB acquires T.E. Wealth, Leon Frazer & Associates, and Doherty & Bryant Financial Strategists. These brands amalgamate with CWB Wealth Management.

2022: CWB Wealth Management, T.E. Wealth, Leon Frazer & Associates, and Doherty & Bryant Financial Strategists unify under the name CWB Wealth. CWB McLean & Partners becomes CWB Wealth Partners.

2013: CWB acquires the majority ownership of McLean & Partners.

2016: CWB Wealth Management is founded.

2016: CWB Insurance Solutions is founded.

2016: CWB Onyx Mutual Funds are launched.

2016: T.E. Wealth acquires Doherty & Bryant Financial Strategists.

2017: CWB Wealth Management & Adroit Investment Management amalgamate, and CWB Wealth Management becomes majority owner of McLean & Partners.

2017: CWB Wealth Management acquires full ownership of Canadian Western Financial.

2019: McLean & Partners becomes CWB McLean & Partners.

2005: T.E. Wealth launches Indigenous Services business.

2008: CWB acquires majority ownership of Adroit Investment Management.

2009: Doherty & Bryant Financial Strategists is founded by Russ Doherty and Vic Bryant. Their model for client servicing is based on T.E. Wealth’s independent and objective fee-only™ financial planning.


1993: Adroit Investment Management is founded.

1994: T.E. Wealth launches investment management division, under the name T.E. Investment Counsel, in response to clients’ growing need for unbiased investment counsel.

1997: T.E. Wealth launches Financial Education division is to serve corporate Canada and their diverse employee groups.

1999: McLean & Partners is founded.

1999: Canadian Western Financial becomes a mutual fund dealer.

1989: Canadian Western Financial is founded.
1972: Tim Egan founds T.E. Wealth under the name T.E. Financial Consultants. It’s one of the first financial firms in Canada to deliver independent and objective financial planning for executives and private individuals, and trademarks the term fee-only™.
1964: Leon Frazer & Associates’ founder passes. George Frazer and Bill Tynkaluk become the managing partners.
1950: LFA launches Associate Investors Ltd. the sixth oldest mutual fund in Canada.

1950: Leon Frazer & Associates create Associate Investors Ltd., a mutual fund designed to provide the Leon Frazer investment prowess to investors without the minimum investment capital typically required to open a private wealth account. 

1952: Leon Frazer, founder of Leon Frazer & Associates, co-founds the Investment Council Association of Canada (currently known as the Portfolio Manager Association of Canada).
1947: Leon Frazer’s son, George, joins Leon Frazer & Associates.
1939: One of the first investment counselling firms in Canada, Leon Frazer & Associates, is founded by Leon Frazer.