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  2. We have a fresh new look

We have a fresh new look

You might have noticed our look and our website is a little different. We’ve improved our site to make it more user friendly for you. Whether you’re looking for our private wealth offering, personal investing solutions, institutional money management, or to discover more on who we are and how we serve, we’ve made the site intuitive to your needs. Many of the areas you regularly access, such as online banking, can still be found in the same spot. Have a question about the usability? Contact [email protected] for help!

We’ve also added a fresh spin to our logo, with brighter colours, a modern font and a simplified shape. You’ll notice that the W is still a prominent piece of our logo, that’s because starting out in the west is a big piece of our heritage! Although we’re honouring our history, this modern face lift reflects the new path forward for us. Along with the updated logo is a new visual identity that is brighter, bolder and stands out.

At the heart of our rebrand is our focus on you, our clients. We work hard to be not just productive for our clients, but proactive. By listening intently and asking the right questions, we uncover your dreams and goals and find financial solutions to make them come true. Most importantly, we’re there for you because we genuinely care. You might even say that we’re obsessed with your success.