Onyx Solutions

We understand your financial plan isn’t always crystal clear. It’s as layered and deeply textured as an onyx gemstone. No matter how complex your situation, the CWB Onyx Managed Solutions are here to help refine and simplify your path towards your vision of the future.

Built using our multi-manager, multi-style, active management philosophy, our goal is to deliver the best return potential for your portfolio. We believe in looking at the long-term horizon for your investments. Using comprehensive analysis and industry research, we can determine the right ways to invest to meet your goals. You'll access to the same investment management expertise that was historically reserved for high net-worth individuals. The minimum investment requirements are accessible and include options for regular monthly contributions to help keep your savings on track.

How can I invest in a CWB Onyx Managed Solution?

Available through Canadian Western Bank branches, CWB Onyx Managed Solutions are an exclusive offering from CWB Wealth Management and Canadian Western Financial. Speak with your CWB Account Manager to find out how you can add them to your portfolio today.