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A major risk for many people is outliving their retirement - don't let that be you. Confident financial well-being always starts with a plan.

Most Canadians aren't saving enough to sustain 30 plus years of retirement, nor are they fully leveraging the power of compound returns available to them through disciplined, systematic long-term investing in capital markets. Our purpose is to provide you peace of mind in planning based on your today, and preparing you for tomorrow. We serve two distinct groups of people:

Our Saver Client

You're working hard to build your financial future, and are approaching or living in your peak earning years. You may have some additional financial planning needs in the areas of wills, insurance, and taxes. Drawing an income from your savings is not a current need and your greatest financial risk is not saving enough. 

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The most important retirement planning decision is to commit to a disciplined and systematic savings plan. The second most important decision is determining the right asset allocation strategy to grow long-term wealth. Once these two elements are in place, we help our clients by coaching them through the inevitable ups and downs of the capital markets - investor behavior is as important as product selection, if not more so.

We generate retirement savings projections for all our clients to determine savings goals and required savings rates. Our extensive product knowledge allows us to build client portfolios using proven, high quality and cost-effective solutions - with a focus on growing wealth.

Our Retirement Readiness Client

You're nearing or already living in retirement, and are looking to generate income from your savings. You have paid down much of your consumer debt and have built up a meaningful pool of assets. This likely includes your principal residence, as well as assets held at other financial institutions. You may also have saving vehicles, such as GIC deposits. You may have additional financial planning needs in the areas of inter-generational wealth transfer and tax planning. Your greatest risk is outliving your savings.

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Capital preservation and cash-flow security is the foundation to your peace of mind. With that, we help our clients determine the right asset mix to preserve capital, generate income, and maintain enough growth to support their desired standard of living during their retirement years.

We provide each client with a retirement income projection using our RRIF payment calculator and retirement planning tool. From there, we leverage our extensive product knowledge to build portfolios using proven, high-quality and cost-effective solutions - with a focus on preserving capital while generating conservative growth for those that require it.

We work with our Wealth Advisory Services team for support with tax, will and estate planning matters.

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Onyx Solutions

No matter what profile you identify the most with, your most valuable financial asset is the ability to generate income. We help manage that cash flow today and build wealth for tomorrow. 

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