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Multi-generational family sitting together on the grass

A financial concierge service for your family’s multi-generational wealth

Business owners and families with significant wealth and intricate financial affairs require niche financial solutions. 

Managing multiple assets on your own, such as businesses, homes, investment properties, philanthropic funds, and other investments, can be very challenging and time-consuming. Our specialized experts will oversee and manage all of your financial affairs, with a view towards building a legacy through wealth preservation and asset growth for generations to come.

We begin with an overview of your overall financial picture and identify your wishes, priorities, and concerns. Our team then develops a master plan to ensure that we're all working together to achieve your vision confidently and compassionately.

Our services include:

  • Investment Management
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Tax Planning and Estate Services
  • Risk Management and Insurance Solutions
  • Lifestyle Support and Personal Concierge
  • Medical Concierge and Health Care Counsel
  • And more

How can we help ensure your family's legacy?

Learn how our Family Office Services can help you.