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Thank you for your referral! We invest in building truly deep human relationships and do everything we can to provide you and your family financial peace of mind. Our company has always grown through referrals from our clients, however we've launched a program throughout the summer where we will be providing a donation to charitable organizations that are important to you.


How it Works

Refer someone to us, and if they become a client, we'll donate up to $5,000 to a charity on your behalf. New clients will receive a high-touch on-boarding experience and the opportunity to participate in a networking event. Fill out the form below to start the process.

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Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions govern the CWB Wealth Management, CWB Private Investment Counsel and CWB McLean & Partners (collectively referred to as CWB Wealth Management or CWB WM) Referral Program.

1. Definitions. When used in these Terms and Conditions, the words below have the following meanings:

a) “CWB Financial Group” means CWB and its subsidiaries.
b) “Donation” has the meaning set out in Section 6.
c) “CWB Wealth Management Client” means a personal or business client that has the following services with CWB WM:
i. An active investment account with a minimum of $500,000; or
ii. An active Financial Planning Engagement, where no investment accounts exist, with a minimum fee schedule of $2,500.
d) “Program” means this CWB WM Client Referral Program.
e) “Referral Form” means a referral made for the Program using the web form provided by CWB WM.
i. Web links are: www.cwbwealth.com/client-referral (ENGLISH) and www.cwbwealth.com/recommandationdeclients (FRENCH)
f) “Referee” means a business referred to CWB WM by a Referrer that is not an existing customer of CWB WM on the date of the referral and becomes a CWB WM Client within 3 months of the referral.
g) “Referrer” means a CWB Wealth Management Client that refers a Referee to CWB WM by completing the Referral Form. 
h) “Total Business Relationship” means the sum of the dollar value of the investment account (calculated on a date that is 90 days after a Referee first opens an investment account or starts a Financial Planning Engagement with CWB WM (the “Calculation Date”)).


2. Program Period. This Program will run for eligible referrals received between July 6, 2020 and August 31, 2020.


3. Eligibility. This Program is available to any CWB Wealth Management Client, whose status is considered ‘active’, that completes a Referral Form for one or more Referees. Active clients refers to clients who currently hold a minimum investment account of $500,000 or have an active fee for service Financial Planning Engagement (minimum fee of $2,500). To participate in the Program, both the Referrer and Referee must accept these Terms and Conditions.


4. Consent. By submitting a Referral Form, the Referrer represents and warrants that it has obtained the express consent of the subject Referee to provide its personal or business contact information to CWB WM for the purpose of CWB WM contacting such Referee to offer its range of products and services. The Referee must consent to CWB WM disclosing the information contained in Section 6 of these Terms and Conditions to inform the Referrer of the value of the eligible Donation. If the Referee does not consent to such disclosure, the Referrer’s specified charity shall not be eligible for a Donation. If a Referee declines communication with CWB WM for products or services, the Referee’s name will be placed on CWB WM’s Do Not Solicit list.


5. Limitations on Eligibility. The following restrictions apply to the Program:

a) Employees of CWB Financial Group are not eligible to participate in the Program.
b) There is no limit on the number of Referees that a Referrer may refer to CWB WM. 
c) A Referrer may only refer each Referee once. 
d) If more than one Referrer submits a Referral Form for the same Referee, the first one to submit an eligible Referral Form may be eligible for the Program. In the event of a dispute, the decision of CWB WM shall be final and binding on each Referrer. 
e) The Charity selected by the Referrer must fall within CWB Funding Guidelines.
f) Referrers who participate in CWB's Business Referral Program are not eligible to submit the same Referree for the same business to the CWB WM Program.  


6. Referral Donation: A registered Canadian charity of the Referrer’s choice shall be eligible for a Donation for each referral that meets the eligibility criteria as follows:

a) $5,000 Donation for each Referee that has a Total Business Relationship on the Calculation Date that is greater than or equal to $1,000,000.;
b) $1,000 Donation for each Referee that has an active Financial Planning Engagement with a minimum fee schedule of $2,500.
c) If a Referee meets the criteria in both 6(a) and 6(b) above, a single donation of $5,000 shall apply.


7. Payment of Donation. If all conditions as detailed in these Terms and Conditions are met on the Calculation Date, the Donation will be paid to the Referrer’s registered Canadian charity of choice within 30 days of the Calculation Date. The Referee’s accounts with CWB WM must be in good standing at the time of Donation payout in order for the charity to be eligible for the Donation.


8. Taxes. The Donation will be made in the name of CWB WM. No tax receipt or advantage will accrue to the Referrer.


9. No Liability. CWB WM assumes no responsibility for any failure of the website or referral system or for a failure of a Referral Form to be received by CWB WM.


10. Amendments and Termination. This Program may be amended, extended or terminate at the sole discretion of CWB WM at any time without prior notice.


11. CWB Funding Guidelines. To be eligible for a Donation, an organization must be a registered Canadian charity. The following types of organizations are ineligible for a Donation and do not fall within CWB’s guidelines: Religious or sectarian organizations, organizations that discriminate against race, gender, age, religion or lifestyle, Political organizations or candidates, individuals (e.g. sponsoring an athlete, artist, or student), Service clubs, labour, or fraternal organizations, For-profit businesses or third-party fundraising organizations, Community or family foundations, trusts, or funds, Amateur or professional sports teams, Sports-related tournaments, Student unions, clubs, or department organizations, Public/private elementary or secondary schools or parent associations, Advertising or promotional initiatives, solicitation through mail campaigns, Debt reduction campaigns or retroactive requests, Travel, accommodation, or meals, Endowments (except post-secondary scholarship funds), Capital campaigns at post-secondary institutions or libraries, International development, Golf tournaments.