Luke Siemens, BComm.

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Luke Siemens

Luke has over two years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. During this time, he worked with executive management to analyze market opportunities and provide clients with investment recommendations. Specializing in financial modeling and cash flow management, he helps clients achieve their long-term investment goals. Currently, Luke is a level 3 CFA candidate working towards his CFA charter.

Beyond The Office

Like many Canadians, Luke is an avid hockey fan. He was a goaltender in the Western Hockey League and won two national championships with the University of Alberta Golden Bears. His interest in sports goes beyond just hockey; he also enjoys watching football and playing golf. No matter what season it is, Luke and his wife share a love for the great outdoors. The pair enjoy activities like skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, while in the summer, prefer camping, hiking, and mountain biking. 


“I feel a true sense of accomplishment whenever I reach a personal financial milestone. My mission is to help clients achieve that same feeling of pride as they watch their capital grow and see their once goals, become reality.”