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Jim Grant, CFP®, CIM®, FCSI®

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Jim Grant

With nearly 30 years experience in financial services, Jim has worked in each of the four pillars of the industry: banking, insurance, investments and estate & trusts. Jim earned his CFP 20 years ago and has been committed to education in the industry ever since. He is currently working on his 7th professional designation. Jim has spent most of his career working with high net worth families, professionals and business owners. As a U.S. citizen and having grown up in a family-owned business environment, he has a desire to complete his coursework in cross border taxation, taxation of trusts and complex family situations.

Beyond The Office

Jim played goal for the NAIT OOKPIKS hockey team and while there, was fortunate to have been called up to the Edmonton Oilers for one game during their first year in the NHL. Although Jim enjoys hockey, he loves the energy of U.S. College Basketball. Jim lives downtown Edmonton and has a great view of the paths through the river valley. He might even walk them if the weather is perfect.


“Success is determined by the decisions you make, the decisions you make are determined by the questions you ask, and the questions you ask are determined by the knowledge you have. My job is to give you the knowledge to ask those questions.”