CWB Wealth Management

Our investment philosophy

Straightforward investments.

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CWB WM's investment philosophy is based in a multi-manager, multi-style, active management process. We believe in looking at the long-term horizon and using comprehensive analysis to determine the right ways to invest.

We make investment decisions base on a business' intrinsic worth, using demonstrated qualitative approaches (e.g. corporate strategy) and quantitative measures (e.g. future value based on historical financial data, performance against competitors, and credit standing) to assess value.
Strategically allocating assets is the most significant and effective way to drive returns, so we focus our efforts on making sure you have the right mix of assets and proper diversification in your portfolio.
Simple is better. Contrary to other wealth management firms, we concentrate our portfolios in key securities, rooted in our ideas which have the best return potential for your portfolio.
We make sure you see returns appropriate to the fees you pay. Our proven methodology focuses on companies with demonstrated past performance and future potential.