CWB Wealth Management

Who we are

Founded in 2016, CWB Wealth Management is the wealth management arm of CWB Financial Group. CWB Wealth Management was built with the belief of offering institutional-quality asset management to individuals. Not only do we hold our investment offerings to high standards, we also believe that wealth management is more than just "investing". It's about building a sophisticated financial plan that compliments your investment portfolio and woven into the fabric of you life - a competitive advantage that many organizations cannot match. 

Today, we manage $2 billion in assets, catering to a range of private wealth clients, personal investors and institutional clients. Our dynamic team has the right expertise to craft integrated financial solutions that produce tangible results. When we say integrated, we really mean it - a deep discovery, harmonized banking, comprehensive investment management, and a meticulous wealth planning strategy all incorporated into an overall plan.

We confidently provide discretionary portfolio management and investment advisory in addition to a range of financial planning, products and services. In partnership with our subsidiaries, CWB McLean & Partners Wealth Management and Canadian Western Financial, we have a network of experts and resources to impart unified solutions that achieve financial growth for your future.

Part of the CWB Financial Group

CWB Wealth Management is part of the CWB Financial Group of diversified financial services. With the strength and support of the CWB Financial Group, we offer you day-to-day banking which is the central pivot point in our clients' financial well-being. No matter who you are and what stage of life you're in, we believe that the most valuable financial asset our clients have is their ability to generate income, whether personally or through a business. We're here to help manage that cash flow today and build wealth for tomorrow.

With our investing - we take an institutional approach. With our planning - we take a meticulous approach. With our relationships - we take a human approach.