CWB Wealth Management

Focused and relevant investing

Your needs determine the solution

Planting seeds

When it comes to investing and managing your wealth, CWB Wealth Management® puts your needs first to present focused and relevant investment solutions that complement your overall financial plan. We offer discretionary portfolio management and investment advisory services backed by independent research and a strong emphasis on risk management and long-term performance.

We aim to manage your portfolio in a way that adds value to you after fees. Our investment philosophy is rooted in taking a long-term view and fundamental analysis. We believe time in the market is more important than market timing, and in making investment decisions based on the intrinsic value of a business. We view strategic asset allocation as the most significant and effective driver of returns, and focus our efforts on making sure you have the right mix of assets and level of diversification in your portfolio.

We believe:

  • in a long-term approach.
  • in fundamental analysis.
  • asset allocation is the biggest driver of returns.
  • simple is better.
  • in adding value for your fees.
We also leverage the strength of our affiliated companies to complement our portfolio management and investment advisory expertise. Each firm is an established investment manager with solid track records, experienced teams and sound investment philosophies.


Adroit has been professionally managing investment portfolios for over 20 years, providing families, corporations and institutions with a disciplined, conservative and consistent investment style. Adroit focuses on investments that preserve capital and offer better than average value, better than average quality and lower than average volatility. Adroit is a registered Portfolio Manager and Investment Fund Manager.


McLean & Partners provides a series of in-house investment strategies for affluent individuals and families. Whether you are interested in preservation of capital and income, or are still accumulating and growing your wealth, they can customize an investment strategy unique to you to best address your return objectives while being sensitive to your tolerance for risk. McLean & Partners is a registered IIROC Dealer Member and Investment Fund Manager.