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The financial landscape is always changing. To help you keep up with the latest topics that may affect your portfolio or be of personal interest, we publish articles and documents by our subject matter experts and partners.

Grow Together covers topics and advice relevant to your planning and wealth management needs. Watch for new editions every quarter.


February 2018 - Climbing the wall of worry


October 2017- Change is in the air

May 2017 - Growing Our Team


Issue 1 - Our First Grow Together Newsletter 

Issue 2 - The Value of a Plan

Issue 3 - Crisis, What Crisis?

Issue 4 - Calm before the?

Learn more about important financial planning and wealth related topics, and get to know the network of industry experts available to you through the CWB Wealth Management network. 

Budget 2018
by Mike Harris, Taxation, McLennan Ross and MaryAnne Loney, Taxation, McLennan Ross

Potential changes to tax planning for private corporations
by Raymond Letendre, Wealth Management Specialist

Transition Issues in Family Business: Keys to Success
by Gregg K. Becker, Partner, Predictable Futures Inc.

Key Person Insurance
by Ben Fortier, Partner, Deboski & Company